I am on Week 4. I have saved my Header/Footer to my desktop although I had before I watched the video. In the last 4 weeks I have learned a lot. I knew quite a bit but that didn’t stop me watching the videos. You think you know it all but watching the videos there is always something you didn’t know about. I am more confident in IM than I have ever been before and that has to do a lot with John.

FTP, that has been the bain of my life. Soon after joining my current hosting company I was in my cpanel and for some reason I changed username and password but I could still log in. I had one problem. Every time I logged on using Filezilla I didn’t have a public_html folder. I kept uninstalling and re installing Filezilla to no avail. No public_html folder. I couldn’t get round it. I had bought Johns Powerseller 3 and I couldn’t upload the sales page. I contacted John and after giving him my details he uploaded it for me. Still, I had no folder.

Did I find my public_html  folder….YES, I did, but only by accident. I submitted tickets to the Masterclass Support. Paula Brett, (bless her, she must have been hacked off with me, although she did say she was not.) Anyway, I explained the situation. She sent me a reply with a screenshot of Filezilla showing my my public_html folder. I logged in and to my dismay I couldn’t see my folder.

What was I doing wrong? Well, at the beginning of the post I mentioneed I changed the username/ password. That was it. In her reply to me Paula reminded me of my password. That triggered something in my brain. I hunted out my Information regarding my cpanel account. I tried, logged in using my original username/password. BINGO, guess what appeared when I logged in through Filezilla, public_html folder. At long last, I then continued with the video for uploading my themes.

That’s it folks. Time to upload header and footer.


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