This is my first post for a while. I did update the “About” page but that’s about it. I am waiting for a reply from Paula regarding my Masterclass, so hopefully I should receive something today. I need to move on. However, I have been watch videos on different subject to do with WordPress in the last couple of days. A friend wants me to build him a web site for his business. I promised hin months ago. I am attempting to build a static site using WordPress so I have been looking at video tutorials etc. Any guidance is appreciated. I also found this site very interesting The site is very useful. A few videos to watch, excellent for the newbies, me included. I am also waiting for a new programme by John Thornhill to come out. It’s pre launch today and launch next week. When I receive anything I will post it on here at the earliest opportunity.

My next problem…Ezine Articles. I have one article on there. It’s been there a few months but the hassle to get it live was amazing. Don’t get me wrong I suppose they have standards and don’t like affiliate links or whatever but sometimes I feel like giving up. I submitted an article last week and waited a few days for a reply. I got one but there is a problem so I am now waiting to see what the problem is. I e mailed them from within and waiting for a reply so I can correct the problem(s).

That’s it for now folks until the next time, have a nice one.


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