In a national newspaper there was an article about Waterboarding. It’s apparently what the Americans used on terroists to get information from them. You are blindfolded then you lie down on a table that is angled so that you legs are 6 inches higher that your head. A towel is then wrapped tightly round your  head.  After that water is poured onto your face and the water seeps slowly into your face. After a while you get the feeling that you are drowning and panic sets in but there is nothing you can do. Apparently after a few seconds you give up and tell all.

Allegedly, ex President Bush reckoned it saveed London from terror atrocities. The question was it right or wrong to, some people call it torture. “Was it torture”. A journalist for a newspaper took the “test” and he said it was being like “a circle in hell”. He said it was torture. I am sure there are people who will say it was torture and some will say, “If it prevented a terror attack, go for it”. Obviously you get the goody goody folk who will say it is torture. Maybe it is, maybe not.

I have my own thoughts but to think what these people are doing to this world, bombing, maiming innocent men, women and children. Do they deserve to be treated in this way? It is something that will go on regardless if we want to or not.

If doing that saved innocent lives maybe it is worth it…


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