What do people sell on eBay?? Well, all you have to do is go on and have a look. I don’t think there isn’t much that you can buy on eBay. In my previous post I mentioned stuff I sold, initially odds and sods from the house, thingS that were no longer required.

I have tried dropshipping. I sold a few dvd’s but not as much as I thought would have. Maybe I’m not going the right way about it, I don’t know. I had an eBay shop last year and I had quite a lot of dvd’s in it but didn’t do much good. There are also fees. If you have limited funding and you have eBay fees it’s not worth it if you’re not selling. I could have in hindsight promoted the shop better. I’ll have learnt from that experience so when I open my next shop I will be prepared.

Going back to John Thornhill, his shop is unbelievable, full of digitial products on dvd. Products that are, I believe selling well. I will be following Johns methods on the e book front.  Another marketer, a student of Johns has a market on ebay. He sells prints and is doing well, I believe. His name is Stuart Turnbull and if you click on his link on the right side of the page under “Other Cool Blogs” you can find more about it.

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