I left home at 17. I joined the Royal Navy. When I reached Plymouth after travelling for 36 hours, albeit with approximately 8 hour an stop in Inverness. After my basic training in Plymouth I went to Chatham in Kent, South of England. I was stationed there for 2 months then of to Rosyth in Scotland for more training.
It was time to got to sea but not for me. It was back down to portsmout to do my submarine training. After 2 months back up to Scotland to Faslane on the Clyde.
I joined my first submarine in Oct 79, HMS Conqueror.
I served on 4 submarines over the course of my 22 years service, I was loaned to another for 1 month.

Computing was becoming popular in the late 90’s. I did a computer course where I was allowed to take the computer home with me. It was the basics, Screen, Monitor, keyboard and mouse and of course the computer itself, all basic. I paid £10 to upgrade from 32mb of RAM to 64mb of RAM. Changed days indeed.
In Feb 2000 I left the Royal Navy.

I was unemployed for a few months. In between jobs I was trying to suss out the internet. In May 2002 I signed up to eBayI think it took me another 8 years to sell something on it. In the early doors I came across Dave Nicolson and later John Thornhill. I purchased an ebook site from Dave, very smart it was to. I didn’t know how to send traffic to it. I gthen came across Stuart Turnbull and purchased his Prints Makes Profit. I began to sell original Victorian prints on eBay.

I went onto try different ways to sell online. I couldn’t stay with one topic long enough, kept going from pillar to post. I still do but not as bad. I try to stick with one topic, finish that and move to the next one. When not working and not doing any Internet Marketing I watch footbal, some television. At the moment I need to lose at least 4 stones. I lost 62lbs 2 years ago and I’ve gained all that weight again. Time for walking and exercising once more. My daughtger is getting married in 2020.

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